Monday, June 16, 2008

Chinese Olympics

How can a country with a horrid record of human rights host the Olympics. Do you remember Tienanmen Square?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

In Response

I'm responding to my friends last post. I think it really got to just a little bit. I haven't spoken to my bio-dad in 15 years nor have I really spoken to him at all in 35 years. Its not that I care, I have had an amazing life so far with a great step-dad. But I just wonder what goes on in peoples heads. Being a father myself I could never imagine a life without my boy. I don't need a telephone, the time for that is long since past. I heard that he's dying from something, so be it, don't send me an invite for some Goddamn funeral or call me for some kind of guilt relief. Your not going to get it. You could've been there but weren't so I'm not either.

Summers out

Looks like summers in full swing and all the spoiled teenagers are headed to the nearest establishment ready to loiter. I wonder if parents are more excited that schools out so they can get free child daycare from your neighborhood barista. But just to let you know that I ready with my favorite summertime attitude. GO BOTHER YOUR OWN GODDAMN PARENTS, AT LEAST GET SOME MONEY TO PURCHASE SOMETHING BESIDE WATER YOUR MAKING ME WORK FOR FREE. yeah summertime.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Obama vs. Hillary

If I was Hillary I would drop out of the race even though I voted for her in the primary. It is time to worry about the opposition. Lets take the billionaire boys club out of office and repair our image in the world. We as humans need to start to worry about everybody on Earth not just America, oil, and modern convenience. Hopefully Obama is the answer. If not this will be the last democratic president for a long, long, time.


I enjoyed the new installment of Indiana Jones. I don't care what the critics say it was accetable.