Saturday, July 26, 2008


What happened to the Dark Knight? Although the Joker was indeed amazing something was missing from the film. I think it was Gotham City as a place of fantasy or was it the mythology of the Batman. It just seemed to me that it just felt like a action movie and I guess I just wanted more from that out of time and space feel. I am sorry Heath Ledger died before his time. But in honor of Alan Moore who wrote The Killing Joke in which Ledger based his Joker heres a joke as told by the Joker : Two inmates trying to escape from a insane asylum were on the roof of a building and they get to the edge and the first one says " lets jump across to the other roof top"and the second replies " I'm to fat to make it" so the first one says "don't worry i'll turn on the flashlight and you can walk across the lightbeam" and the second says " What do you think I'm crazy you 'll turn it off before I make it across."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm Oblivious

I can hardly wait until somebody says the obvious like, " Gas is expensive " or " Its hot today."
I'm being driven insane with the lack of something to talk about. Let me be the first to say the path to hell is paved with the best intentions. If you would like to talk about something at least to have the spine to say what is on your mind. Perhaps something like" I hate my life because the Daffodils in my garden are dying "or" I am going to kill the next guy I see with little sticker cut outs of his fucking brood on the back of his SUV. Better yet " Hey, feel like pouring gas all over me, here's the match." I just want to be entertained with the bizarre and random. But to mister gasoline match guy here's to you but I regretfully decline.

Oh Little Nick

Oh Little Nick
Left me waiting with my cancer stick
Oh little Nick
Nice to see your magic trick
Oh Little Nick
Now you see me , now you don't
Oh Little Nick
Left me waiting with my cancer stick

Well Hello

Hows everyboby doing I miss most of you but time marches on. The beauty of enjoying people is that when you don't see them everyday it makes the experience that much more.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sorry I've been busy

Every so often I do have to be responsible and be a productive citizen but for those who are constant readers I just spent the last couple of weeks trying to operate a new position at my little job. Don't try to understand office politics, they pain my soul. The effort to fool the fools is time consuming and sucks the energy out of me. Just so you know they are all liars and will sell you out. The dream is over for some and is only going to get tougher for those who wish to follow the Batista dream. If only they saw the writing on the wall when a business model sounds insane. Cannibalism sounds good only from the cannibals point of view. So spare the respect and kill if you must. Im waiting for your hug. Betray with a kiss.